What we do

Services for You

0101 - Accommodation / Tenancy

Mind and Mobility Support Services believes firmly that all humans have an inherent right to safe and stable housing.

0106 - Assist-Life Stage, Transition

At Mind and Mobility Support Services, we cater for needs of the clients, allowing them to gain maximum control over their

0107 - Assist-Personal Activities

To ensure maximum comfort for our clients, Mind and Mobility provides assistance with personal activities

0108 - Assist-Travel / Transport

In order to provide our clients the upmost convenience, we offer travel needs for clients whose

0115 - Daily Tasks / Shared Living

This service helps our clients focus on developing and enhancing their domestic skills

0117 - Development - Life Skills

Development of Daly Living and Life Skills focuses on helping the client master the skills necessary to live an independent

0120 - Household Tasks

This service is essential for those clients who are unable to complete essential household tasks by themselves.

0125 - Participate Community

By means of encouragement, we assist our clients in participating in social, communal, and recreational activities

0136 - Group / Centre Activities

It is of utmost importance to participate in community recreational activities, and here at Mind and Mobility Support Services

0132 - Support Coordination

Support Coordination is a service that the NDIS funds to help people to manage, and get the best out of, their NDIS plans.

0128 -Therapeutic Supports

As we get to know you, we will start to understand your hopes and dreams.